Jun 27, 2009

Pearly Gates

Michael Jackson approaches the Pearly Gates. As he gets closer he observes that there are two gates. One is labeled "Black" and the other "White". He's not sure which to approach but decides on "White". He knocks and waits.
Eventually, after much key turning and the groan of hinges the door opens. Jackson is confronted by St Peter. "Please let me in" says Jackson. "Sorry mate", says Peter, "but you are not white despite your attempt to change your skin colour." Forlorn, Jackson goes to the "Black" gate and knocks. There is the sound of loud hip-hop coming from inside. Jackson wonders whether he was heard and knocks again. Eventually the door opens. Again he is confronted by St. Peter but this time he is black and twitching his arms to the music. "Hey man, what do you want?" asks Peter. "Please let me in", says Jackson. Peter replies "Sorry Bro but you rejected us."

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