Jun 27, 2009


MJ Newswire - California authorities are questioning the citizenship of pop icon Michael Jackson. In a statement released by the Los Angeles coroner's office, Dr. Icut Emup stated "During the autopsy of Mr Jackson we discovered several imprints on various body parts. Among these imprints were the words Made In China, Made in Taiwan, and Fabricado en Mexico."

State authorities are refusing to release the body until undisputable proof of Jackson's origin can be secured. One state official speculated that the court might order Jackson's remains to be divided and returned to the various countries of origin.

"We're just not sure at this point," Captain Ima Cop stated. "It's quite possible that these foreign manufactuers might refuse to accept his remains." An anonymous source in the coroners office hinted that Jackson's death was probably caused by stress fatigue of the foreign made plastic components.

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